Amparian Tapas

A little bit about Amparian tapas restaurant

Amparian opened in late summer 2015 in Mitford Street, Filey, and is run by husband and wife team Ian (from England) and Amparo (from Spain).

Amparo and Ian, from which the restaurant's name is derived, have owned and managed similar tapas style restaurants in both Pickering (England) and Villagarcía de Arosa, the latter in the Galician region of Northern Spain.

Amparian serve a wide range of traditional and innovative Spanish style tapas dishes intended for sharing between fellow diners in a casual and relaxed manner. Some of the many appetising selections on offer are from Amparo's home region of Galicia, whilst others are found across the length and breadth of Spain. All offer the slightly more adventurous diner something very different from the typical and more formal starter, main course and dessert, found on the menu of most eateries.

Inside Amparian Ian is the chef and Amparo runs the "front of house". Despite being English, Ian has worked as a chef at restaurants in Spain and this guarantees the authenticity of the Amparian tapas.

Amparo, with her Spanish heritage and business background in customer service, is ideally suited to offering newcomers to tapas recommendations and suggestions. This combination seems to work very well and Amparian has had excellent reviews in both the Scarborough News and Filey Bay Today magazine.

The good reviews continue on Trip Advisor where Amparian has an average of 5 Star reviews from customers.

How Amparian came to be in Filey

Ian and Amparo successfully managed a tapas restaurant in Pickering for 7 years with food preparation and customer service duties shared as they are today. Family circumstances however, resulted in them having to move to Villagarcía de Arosa in Spain for a prolonged period.

Whilst in Spain they not surprisingly ran a tapas bar, but as events unfolded they were again able to return to England, and this time chose Filey as the site for their new eatery. Both Amparo and Ian have been amazed by the positive response to their restaurant from locals and holiday makers alike.

To find out what makes Amparian so special, make a booking and experience a taste of Spain in Filey.


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25 Mitford Street
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Images of our Tapas

Please be aware that our menu changes based on season and produce availability.